Monday, January 25, 2010

Mario and Luigi

I will let the layout tell the story – enjoy!

January 103

January 102

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scrapfest 2010 Achievements

I had such a great time in Rotorua with Shell and the other Scrapbook Dreams Forum attendees.

from left to right: Shell, Tricia (at the back), Rangi, Me, Brenda


I got a lovely hug from Liam at the airport and I was off and away for 5 days! This is the longest I have ever been away from Liam and I did find it quite hard. It was good to get the occasional txt from him though.


This is the altered tin I completed from Shell’s first class:

January 060

* * * * * *

My next class was also with Shell from Scrapbook Dreams

This class was aimed at layouts about boys and using multiple photos. What great value this class was as it turned out to be TWO layouts!

DSC05738 DSC05739

There were two more classes (yes, both with Shell) but I have yet to take photos so . . . . watch this space.

* * * * * *

Shell ran the Bossy Scrapper Challenge on crop night. Boy she really can be bossy! LOL!

This consists of timed instructions – Find a plain 12x12 cardstock base, add a border. Find a piece of patterned paper, cut it to these measurements, decorate one long edge. Find 6 small elements (brads or buttons etc). Find a photo. Find a title. Create journalling split into at least 3 parts. Find a single embellishment. Put it all together – you have 10 minutes. GO!!!

Talk about feeling the pressure but it was fun!


Rangi won this challenge and I was really chuffed cause I voted for her! LOL.

* * * * * *

I won (with a little help from my friends) the Scrappers Scavenger Hunt. I had to be the first one to produce: A lipstick or lip-gloss, a journalling pen, a purple brad and a supermarket receipt. It was a true race to the finish!

I was also the lucky winner of the Challenge Pack vote. At the crop night on the Saturday we were each issued a pack consisting of a 12 x 12 paper and a packet of “goodies”. The instruction was to create an entry using everything we had been given (including the packet). We could add to the supplies but not take anything away.

I chose to do a layout (being of limited imagination with the so-called goodies) but because I didn’t have a spare photo, I stamped an image with a new stamp that had arrived only the day before. I purchased this stamp from the same supplier that I have got most of my really cool favourites from (thanks Dallas!) – the character’s name is Mrs Walker and Walker just happens to be my maiden name. You can see why I just HAD to buy her.