Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Wedding Album

 My Godson was married in Rotorua in February this year and although it was requested that there be no gifts (they actually live in Australia)  I really wanted to make them something special.

I chose to make The Wedding Album from Paper Phenomenon.

I used a paper collection from Couture Creations as it was the perfect colouring (the bridesmaids were in purple).

The project consists of two open-ended boxes that are hinged together.  Each box contains its own album.

  Front of each album

 Back of each album

 Inside Pages.  
Some blank, some made with custom-made envelopes and some made into smaller pockets,

 The Inside with a frame on each side

 And a Card to Match

It was a lovely wedding and I have to say his two little kiddies are just delightful.

Thank you for taking the time to visit - as always, your comments make my day.

Esther  xx


Monday, May 16, 2016

The Vanity Project

Oh how I just love this project from Paper Phenomenon!

One again, mine is far from perfect.  I do tend to rush on like a bull at a gate, patience is not my finest virtue, lol.

I used black chipboard and printed the gorgeous papers from a printable, digital Journal Kit from the very talented Tsunami Rose on Etsy.

The drawer pulls are made with wide eyelets with hitch fastness inserted through the holes. They are the perfect proportion for this project. For the mirror,  I made a visit to the local Supercheap Auto Shop. There I found some adhesive mirror replacement that was just what I needed. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. I  do appreciate it. 

Take Care, Happy Crafting
Esther  xxx

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The letter "E"

Marquee Letters are all the rage right now.

I like them a lot but find that they are a bit pricey.

My trusty Cameo came to the rescue and together we designed one that fit the bill perfectly.   I cut the letter out twice. Once at the full size to use as a pattern for the chipboard base and again,  offset on the inside, with the patterned paper.  I created "holes" the correct size for the lights and used the alignment tool to spread them out evenly.

I  am really pleased with it and I just may use this idea for Christmas gifts for my neices this year.

(Not long after I created mine, Silhouette put up some 3-D letters in the design store that would be good for this too)

Thanks for visiting my blog, I do appreciate it.

Esther  xxx

Friday, March 25, 2016

Game Night

For my BFF's 50th birthday in January, I wanted to make something a little bit special.

I purchased the Game Night Tutorial from Paper Phenomenon.  It was fun to make and although I decided not to make it as an actual playable game, I put in game pieces and fake money etc, just for fun.

I printed various photos from Andrea's life-to-date and popped them in the pockets.  I haven't shown them here for privacy reasons (and I didn't actually take photos of them anyway, lol) 
On the backof each photo I put appropriate comment such as "Becoming a Grandmother - Priceless" and "A Boozy Girls Night - $200 fine" etc.

I will share another project soon.  Meantime ....

Take Care, 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Project Showtime - Part 1

I have totally fallen in love with the projects that Kathy (Orta) King produces on her site - Paper Phenomenon.

I have purchased several of her tutorials and friends and family are getting good at giving me money for tutorials as gifts, bless them.

Today, I want to share with you the very first of Kathy's projects that I made.  Talk about jumping in at the deep end!   What was I thinking???

I chose to make the Vintage Camera and you can get the .pdf tutorial here.

It is a very long way from perfect and the making of the folded bellows almost did me in completely but it was fun and got me really hooked!

I will be back soon with another proect to share with you.  Meantime ....

Take Care, 

Monday, February 8, 2016

I have been AWOL!

Oooops!  It's almost 12 months exactly since I posted last!  My Bad!

I could make many excuses but I am sure you don't want to hear them.  Are you even still there?

I will make a few posts that will be in random order on the timeline.  I have not been doin nothing, I can assure you.

I have joined up with some lovely local Hutt Valley ladies who asked if I would like to pop along to their fortnightly get-together.  Heck yes!  Why not.  What a fantastic group of new friends I have.  I am a happy scrapper.

I have started making some of the many awesome projects that are produced by Kathy (Orta) King.  Her blog is called Paper Phenomenon.  She sells tutorials for the most amazing boxes, mini albums and more.  I will show you some of what I have done in the posts to follow.

I spent an awesome two days helping out Lowri McNabb from Papervine, at the Wellington Paper Arts Show last September.  It took 3 of  us over 3 hours to set up and about 40mins to pack down, lol.  It was pretty frantic at times but it was great fun and so good to see so many crafters in one place.

Last year I also made it to Autumn Escape in Taupo for the first time.  It was a fantastic 3 days at Waiaraki Resort   One of the draw-cards for me was that Teresa Collins was teaching some classes there.

We are buddies now, don't ya know, hahaha.

Hmmm  .... what else happened in 2015?

Oh yeah ....  I turned 50!  Good grief .  At the time, I was officially twice my daughter's age.  A fact that she was pleased to remind me of.
We (James, Liam and I) went to Rarotonga, Cook Islands for a week, along with my BFF Andrea and her husband Ivan, 3 of hubby's siblings and their significant others, plus 2 nieces, plus a bonus Salisbury sibling (long story) with her significant other and her two just-adult kids. Add to that one Mother-In-Law and it was a full house!!

I did actually do a little bit of traditional scrapbooking too.  In July last year Liam was keen to go to Armageddon - a sci-fi fan expo.  I ended up taking him 2 days in a row!!!  He really wanted to meet Karen Gillian who is the actress playing the companion on Dr Who but sadly, I was not able to make that happen.  He really enjoyed be able to o out and about in costume and not being seen as being bit weird.

Well - that will do for the first sitting, I'm sure.  I promise not to leave it so long before I post again.

(Oh, just remembered one real reason it got too hard to blog - my stupid F,G & H keys, and some others on the middle row, don't always work and having to edit and re-type is bloody pain!  Note to self: get them fixed.)