Thursday, November 25, 2010

Birthday Boy

Hell’s teeth!  Liam is 12.  How did that happen?

This year Liam insisted on a Wiggles Big Red Car cake.  I did try to get out of it by saying “I don’t think I know how to make one of those Hun” but quick as flash he came back with “That’s OK!  I’ll get the instructions off the internet.”  Damn – he did just that.

So, he helped me bake the chocolate cakes to make it with (not to mention the other 2 batches of mix that were made into 40+  muffins for taking to school so that he could “share my birthday with all my friends”) and I put the finishing touches on at 11.55pm the night before his actual birthday.

November 037  November 030 November 033

A long way from perfect but Liam was very happy.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friday Night Fun – 2nd Instalment

5/11/10 8pm – 12pm – Forget the fireworks!  There is scrapping to be done for goodness sake! (actually the weather was pretty grotty so I didn’t miss being outside till all hours, lol)

Right on cue Rangi posted this fortnight’s Friday Night Fun at Scrapbook Dreams:

1. Choose a paper range and scrap with it.
The challenge being the majority of the layout must be in the range including embellishments (you may have to be creative if you don't have any pre-made ones in your range).
2. Once you have your range an photo/s sorted, lay them out and take a photo and post it in the gallery with the name of the range you have chosen.
3. Create your layout and take a photo of it all completed and post it up in the gallery (by midnight).
Don't forget we have a 9.30pm TWIST!
Have fun and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with
Note:You may add additional bits and bobs to your layouts like buttons, rub-ons etc ... but keep in mind the challenge is to use a majority of the range you have chosen. Be creative!

Oh hell!  I am so not a “brand” shopper!  I have a paper or two from this range, one from something else and three form another, if you get my drift. A bigger panic this time!

I went through my drawers of papers and came across a collection I had bought from Shell at Scrapbook Dreams some 18mths ago with good intentions of using it for a particular project. Obviously that didn’t happen, lol.

It was the Kaisercraft range, What a Hoot Collection.

November 007

I am so not a fan of having to take these photo’s in rubbish light but we are all in the same boat I guess.

My finished layout (surprising I got it done at all between phone calls, forum posts and an almost 12yr old who simply refused to be tired enough to sleep):

November 011

The journalling reads:  What defines me? My Job? My culture? My Background? My Family? My Friends?

9.30pm – time for The Twist:

With the range you are using- Create a gift tag!
It must include: To & From
And don't forget to take a photo and pop it up in the gallery (by midnight) to get yourself another entry into the draw.

November 012

It was fun and I finally gave up on wide-awake-son and went to bed at 1.30am with him happily watching TV.  Mattress, blankets, pillow and remotes – but he was asleep when I got up on Saturday, lol

Friday Night Fun

Over at Scrapbook Dreams, the lovely Rangi as offered to host a fortnightly challenge – Friday Night Fun.

And it is – fun, I mean.  We have had two now and because I am such a slack blogger of late – I haven’t shown you either nights results!  What am I like?

22/10/10 8pm – 12pm

1. Choose an unfinished layout or project and take a photo. Post your photo up in the gallery. You have 30mins(until 8.30pm) to do this.
2. Complete your unfinished layout or project. Take a photo of the finished creation and post this up in the gallery. You have until midnight tonight to do this.
3. Keep an eye out for the 9.30pm TWIST!
I hope you have some yummy snacks ready now lets have some fun

Oh boy!  Slight panic but here is my unfinished layout “ingredients”:

October 041

(Yes – my 45th birthday!  There were so many darn candles I needed sunglasses.  Mind you, Andrea and Christine did stick in a few extras!  Also another post to blog, lol)

Here is my finished layout (bad lighting due to photo being taken at night):

45th birthday 045

at 9.30pm Rangi posted her “twist” to be completed as well:

TWIST- With the products you have used (3 items or more) its time to make a card! You can add other products if you wish. Put your name next to a theme. Once a theme is taken it can no longer be done.
Card Themes
Happy Birthday-
Thank You-
Miss You-
I Love you-
Merry Xmas-
Get well soon-
You're the Best-
Greatest Friend-

I chose “Miss you”

45th birthday 046

Will post the next Friday Night Fun separately.  Why not join in? – Register at Scrapbook Dreams if you are not already a member of the forum or jump right on in if you are.

Well It’s About Time!

OMG!  I have been so slack at blogging!  Slap on hand!  Bad Blogger!

OK – enough of that.  What the heck have I been doing of late?

Sprucing up the house (well two rooms anyway, Friday night fun at Scrapbook Dreams, ATC’s for Crafting Passionz and Scrapbook Dreams, Creating various “stuff” for a craft stall on the 9th of December and loads of other goodness-knows-what.

So, this post will show you the sprucing up.  With the sale of the house becoming inevitable there are oodles of finishing jobs to be done.  I took some of that into my own hands (seeing as James has taken his helping ones elsewhere, lol) and tackled my bedroom a couple of weeks ago.

It was OK, just looking tired and dated.  Now it is calm and serene and I just love it!  Jolly proud of my efforts too, if I may say so.

October 059

October 066

Just don’t open the drawers, lol! A girl has to put all that essential “stuff” somewhere.

This week I tackled the spare room.  Now that there is one less big bed in the house, I have free reign on this room for a Crafting Mecca!  Yay for me!

November 001

November 002

November 004

My word!  I love it!  I spent Friday night in here, working on the challenge and twist that Rangi hosted on Scrapbook Dreams for the fortnightly Friday Night Fun – but – that’s another post, lol.