Sunday, November 7, 2010

Well It’s About Time!

OMG!  I have been so slack at blogging!  Slap on hand!  Bad Blogger!

OK – enough of that.  What the heck have I been doing of late?

Sprucing up the house (well two rooms anyway, Friday night fun at Scrapbook Dreams, ATC’s for Crafting Passionz and Scrapbook Dreams, Creating various “stuff” for a craft stall on the 9th of December and loads of other goodness-knows-what.

So, this post will show you the sprucing up.  With the sale of the house becoming inevitable there are oodles of finishing jobs to be done.  I took some of that into my own hands (seeing as James has taken his helping ones elsewhere, lol) and tackled my bedroom a couple of weeks ago.

It was OK, just looking tired and dated.  Now it is calm and serene and I just love it!  Jolly proud of my efforts too, if I may say so.

October 059

October 066

Just don’t open the drawers, lol! A girl has to put all that essential “stuff” somewhere.

This week I tackled the spare room.  Now that there is one less big bed in the house, I have free reign on this room for a Crafting Mecca!  Yay for me!

November 001

November 002

November 004

My word!  I love it!  I spent Friday night in here, working on the challenge and twist that Rangi hosted on Scrapbook Dreams for the fortnightly Friday Night Fun – but – that’s another post, lol.


  1. I LOVE what you've done with your room Esther!! The colour on the walls is really restful... go YOU! As for the craft room, I seriously didn't recognise it!!! Awesome :)

  2. LOVE the bedroom. Really like the brown wall. Well done you!

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  3. Love the NEW LOOK nice colors.. Your Cave looks very Neat and TIDy is it always like that????

  4. Wow, your room looks awesome. We had the real estate de-clutter lady come and do our house for selling. We should have got you over in stead - fantastic work.