Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bizzy Becs Blog Candy

Wow! Check this out here!

What fun! - What are you waiting for? - Go on over and check it out!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Celebration of Kiwiana

Scrapbook Outlet NZ has been running a 9 week challenge/celebration of all things Kiwi and today it all comes to an end.  I haven’t shown you any of my efforts yet so be prepared for a long and photographic post.

Each week the challenge would be issued and we had 7 days in which to upload our layouts.  I enjoyed getting some layouts done in reasonably quick succession.

Week 1.  “New Zealand Icon”

August 028

Week 2 “National Colours”

August 082

Week 3 “No.8 Wire”

August 101

Week 4 “Remoteness” (use of white-space)

August 145

Week 5 “Beaches / Water”

August 149

Week 6 “NZ Song Title”

September 023

September 024

Week 7 “Sports Mad”

September 030

Week 8 “Weaving/Maori Design”


Week 9 “Mystery Product”

All participants who entered layouts and/or quizzes were award various points and if you reached 100 (as I did, only just) were sent a mystery product to be completed and uploaded by midnight tonight – 10th October.

With entries not being revealed until Monday, I will wait to show you what it was all about.  Let me say this though – it was not something I would have purchased and not something I will purchase in the future but was good fun all the same.

Watch this space . . . .

Friday, October 8, 2010

Time for a catch-up

Well – a few things have happened that have altered my life path!

My husband moved out of the family home in July this year and although we undertook counselling, and I thought things were heading in the reconciliation direction, he dropped the bombshell last week that he will not be coming home.

I was angry but now I am just sad and disappointed that he found it necessary to take such a drastic step away from his family.  I hope he can find the peace and life satisfaction he is looking for and in the meantime we will build a new kind of relationship – one that I don’t really have a name for yet.

I have made the decision not to go on a benefit and my workplace will do what they can to give me extra hours.  I can probably fit in an extra 5 a week, most weeks so it’s all good.

I am feeling somewhat in control of my own future as a single parent, knowing there will be days when I fall apart and there will be days that I wonder if it was ever any other way.

All in all, I am OK and Liam will adjust.  Onwards and upwards and drinks on Fridays, I say!