Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friday Night Fun

Over at Scrapbook Dreams, the lovely Rangi as offered to host a fortnightly challenge – Friday Night Fun.

And it is – fun, I mean.  We have had two now and because I am such a slack blogger of late – I haven’t shown you either nights results!  What am I like?

22/10/10 8pm – 12pm

1. Choose an unfinished layout or project and take a photo. Post your photo up in the gallery. You have 30mins(until 8.30pm) to do this.
2. Complete your unfinished layout or project. Take a photo of the finished creation and post this up in the gallery. You have until midnight tonight to do this.
3. Keep an eye out for the 9.30pm TWIST!
I hope you have some yummy snacks ready now lets have some fun

Oh boy!  Slight panic but here is my unfinished layout “ingredients”:

October 041

(Yes – my 45th birthday!  There were so many darn candles I needed sunglasses.  Mind you, Andrea and Christine did stick in a few extras!  Also another post to blog, lol)

Here is my finished layout (bad lighting due to photo being taken at night):

45th birthday 045

at 9.30pm Rangi posted her “twist” to be completed as well:

TWIST- With the products you have used (3 items or more) its time to make a card! You can add other products if you wish. Put your name next to a theme. Once a theme is taken it can no longer be done.
Card Themes
Happy Birthday-
Thank You-
Miss You-
I Love you-
Merry Xmas-
Get well soon-
You're the Best-
Greatest Friend-

I chose “Miss you”

45th birthday 046

Will post the next Friday Night Fun separately.  Why not join in? – Register at Scrapbook Dreams if you are not already a member of the forum or jump right on in if you are.


  1. Well done Esther!! These challenges are really fun :)

  2. You forgot to mention the arrival of the fire brigade to help put out the fire. Was a great night and lots of laughs. Miss You Lots