Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A visit from Shell

What an awesome time we have had! Shell drove down from Rotorua on Thursday and cleverly managed to arrive just as dinner was ready, lol.

Friday was catch up and fluffing round, leading to a Budget Buffet class that I took. This was my very first scrapbooking-related teaching and it went really well. I was very comfortable and those attending were so receptive! It was great fun.

On Saturday Shell took two classes. The morning class was the now infamous "Don't Stress, Distress" class that teaches heaps of techniques with distress inks. The afternoon session was a more involved "Thinking Inking" classes that taught the application of the techniques learned in the morning session.

So, at the end of it all, participants had both the how and the what to do with it, under their belt. We received great feedback so that was awesome!


  1. Great smiles! And I love the aprons.

  2. Yup - a bit of purple tatting would have really finished them off! Haha Mum!