Friday, October 16, 2009

Altered Book Workshop

Gosh - it has been a while since I posted anything! Pretty slack, huh?

Last Saturday, as part of my birthday gift from Mum, I went to a workshop at Pataka Museum in Porirua to get some insight into altering old books.

I had a great time! The workshop was presented by two young artists and I have yet to finish the book but it's one of those projects that you can do in bits and pieces.

This is the book that I started with:

And this is a page I started before I remembered to take a photo:

It now looks like this:

Here are a couple more that I have done:

I used lots of paint and distress inks, masks and additional images. It took a couple of days to get the ink stains off my fingers, lol.

I'm going back tomorrow for a second workshop. This time we will "re-make" a book using the book original cover and making "new" pages for it with a variety of card and paper stocks.

Watch this space for the results :)


  1. Love what you've done Esther!! Each page is so different and pretty :) Feeling a little bit of the 'green eyed monster'... but it's really good to be able to 'share' the experience with you through your blog. Have a great day tomorrow... extra special since it's your BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. Very cool... can't wait to see the next one birthday girl.

  3. i hope you didn't post this link to nana or you may have to change her birthday present idea... i feel like you should know only too well the best kind of prize is a suprise!

    speaking of suprises... you should post me a kinda suprise, they're cute AND yum

    hope you liked woolshed sessions, they're NZers and recorded the album in a woolshed in golden bays