Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lace Up Feet

In February this year, while in Blenheim for the weekend, my mother made Liam a Ronald McDonald costume – much to Dad’s disgust!

Following that weekend Liam sent a txt to Nana asking for a “Red Ronald Afro”.  This Mum dutifully made and posted to Liam.

Next thing we know, he has txt Nana again asking this time for “Huge Ronald Feet”

This was proving a dilemma. How was Nana going to come up with the goods this time?

“It’s easy”, came the next text. “You start with some white shoes, paint them red, put in yellow laces!” Duh! Of course! “Oh, and the soles need to be black”.

Mum came over for the second week of the holidays to be with Liam while Dad and I were at work. I came home on the Monday to this:

April 128

When Dad came home, I was not sure how he would react to the full costume, not being so thrilled at the idea in the first place.

Liam came rushing in from greeting Dad at the door and said

“Dad was so pleased to see me in Lace-Up-Feet!”.  Ah, Bless Him!

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