Sunday, June 5, 2011

Off The Page

Some time back, the lovely Shell, gave me a 7 Gypsies tray, bless her!  I had wanted one for absolutely ages but it has taken me this long to do something with it.

As you may know, I simply love using my Silhouette digital cutter!  I have also fallen in love with Keri Bradford’s This and That kits, made to measure for the 7 Gypsies tray.  She has several to choose from and with the buoyant exchange rate at the moment, I am now the proud owner of her Family and Lucky kits.

I chose to use the Family Kit for my tray.


Madly wishing I had a second tray, I altered a multi-photo picture frame, adding divisions with ice-block sticks and bits of another frame that I butchered.  I was so impatient (what a surprise, lol) that I didn’t measure a damn thing.  Even so, It turned out OK.  I used Mariposa Card Stack pages for the various backgrounds. I used the cut files from Kerri Bradford’s Lucky Kit for this one.

May 2011 040


  1. Oh I love them both!

    you are so talented )

  2. Thanks for following my blog! You are very talented, I love these trays you made... I've never made one before but I really like the look of em! I'm a new follower of your blog now, too :)