Sunday, January 29, 2012

We have a Baby!

A baby hedgehog, that is! I have no idea why, but I just love Hedgehogs! Always have.

I have distinct memories of the scariest sound ever! I had moved into the sleep-out at home (aged 15 maybe). It was night – a dark night! I was so sure there was someone outside! I, stupidly (in hindsight) took a look outside the door!

There was a hedgehog, head stuck in a chippie packet! Poor little sod!

Last weekend James ran across (read, almost over) this cute wee bundle while mowing the lawns.


It was so little! I took out some bread, soaked in milk. (Yes, I know it should have been dog/cat food) It left the bread but drank heaps of milk! Was so cool to watch that pink tongue lap up the liquid!

Even Liam (alias Dr Who) ventured out to “take care of the baby hedgehog”. It was lovely to see him show empathy for an animal that he could not pat.


Liam said “ It is only a baby, but it has grown quills,” Bless!


  1. That's so neat Esther! And great that Liam is involved... love what he said :)