Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Scrapfest Challenge

I belong to a Facebook Group for Scrapfest being held in Nelson in August.

Lynn and Trina like to keep our interest piqued and this is the latest wee challenge:

“Now here’s the recipe (you must use EVERYTHING on the list):
1 piece of cardstock (any size)
At least 4 pieces of patterned paper (any size)
(so that means you can use any of the above as your base (if a layout) and then use the others pieces in whatever sizes you want to create part of the design)
At least 5  flowers
A piece of thread/string/ribbon
Some texture paste
Some paint/spray
A tag (any size)
Something sparkly
And 4 photos”

Four Photos!! Are they serious!!  Having a single photo to scrap is often a challenge in itself for me (I don’t get out much, lol).  Still – I had a poke around and this is what I have come up with.


The photos are from the classes with Finnibair in Kapiti and I “borrowed” her logo to make a stencil and a transfer that I put onto my apron (made by my lovely mother for the occasion). The tag has a texture paste vine, is attached with velcro and has the journaling on the back.

Cheers, Esther  xoxo


  1. love the stencil you made,clever thing

  2. That looks like a fantastic challenge... and I really like the idea of attaching the tag wtih velcro too!