Sunday, September 1, 2013

Scrapfest By The Sea–Part 1

A luxury weekend of scrapbooking!!  And oh boy, was it!!!

The event was organised by Trina McClune and Lyn Jordan with the amazing help of some very hardworking angels.  We spent the weekend at The Monaco Resort and Apartments in Nelson.


This is the “Street” I lived in with Brenda.  Close by were Jane, Carol, Beverley, Elaine, Dee, Trace, Vicki and Nicki (whose photo’s I pinched of the location, hehe)


There we many others too  some of whom I and met but most I only knew through our Facebook Group.  It was great to meet so many of them in person!


I took 3 classes and grabbed the kit for a fourth.  I haven’t taken photos of those yet and will leave them for yet another post.

Those of us that I mentioned above, with the addition of the lovely Sally and her wee babe, went to The Jellyfish Cafe at Mapua for brunch on the Friday before registration.  Brenda had put an enormous effort into organising a surprise 50th for Vicki.  Although her actual birthday is not until October, it was too good an opportunity to pass up while we were all together (we live in various corners of NZ).

IMG_4658 (1)IMG_3241

Yes – it was indeed a Polka Dot Party!  She had no clue what-so-ever!  It was priceless.  Thanks to Brenda and Trace for these photos.

To top it off – it was Nicki’s actual birthday on the Saturday and we managed to gather together between classes etc, to give Nicki a wee treat too.  Couldn't not, now could we?

IMG_4695 (1)

So much fun, over and above the event that we ere actually there for.  Total bonus for us all.

Keep an eye out for part 2 – I might even blog about the classes etc, lol

Cheers, Esther  xoxo


  1. Was a luxury weekend for sure... Lots of hardwork put in over a period of many moonths by lots of people.. The result... fantastic eh Esther...

  2. And yep, it was fantastic meeting all those people, aye 'neighbour' :-)

  3. Yep....priceless. Great to finally meet you Esther :)