Thursday, May 11, 2017

Harry Potter Inspired 21st Gift

A very good crafting friend has her "baby" turning 21 this month.  The young lady in question is an avid Harry Potter Fan.

I wanted to give her something inspired by the Harry Potter books/movies but didn't want it to be gimmicky or simply purchased from a store.

I opted to use a pattern from Laura Dennison at Following The Paper Trail.  It is a pattern for one of her Maple Street Shoppes.  To be honest, I struggled with the instructions but that may well have been my head-space at the time.

Still - I got there in the end, mainly by following my instinct.

Here a few individual photos so you can see the details.

Roof tiles are made with wallpaper, run through an embossing folder and cut into strips.  The shop walls are done with thickened paint (using Magic Powder from 13@rts) through a brick stencil.  The base has cardstock run through and embossing folder and the raised areas inked to resemble cobblestones.  The railings are black cardstock cut with a die from Couture Creations and layered for strength.
 The wee potion bottles in the window are from Tim Holtz and I added a small amount of coloured Mica powder (meant for fingernails, lol).  The barrel I found in my stash and the broom was made with twigs from the garden.

I found the mini Barbie doll and stand at The Warehouse and made her a Slytherin Cloak (the recipient's favourite Harry Potter House)

The roof of the shop lifts off and the inside houses a mini album dutifully decorated with the Slytherin Crest

I added an image of The Daily Prophet newspaper on the inside covers and the first page sports the rules and regulations for Hogwarts.  The mini album is intended for use as a Guest Book at the 21st party - which is not Harry Potter themed at all.

Thank you to all the ladies at Autum Escape who took an interest in the start of the construction process - looks so much better finished, lol

Thank you for stopping by.  Perhaps you could leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

Take Care
Esther  xx


  1. Amazing! That must have taken ages.

  2. Esther, that is amazing. I watched you all weekend and was in awe. Beautifully done.

  3. That's amazing Esther. My daughter is a Harry Potter fan too and her 21st is Harry Potter themed. Not till December but you have inspired me and I will do something for her too. i'll talk to you about it at Senz