Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More SENZ creations

I took a really interesting class, tutored by Wilma Sharp. It was a Kaleidoscope technique class and included the Perspex templates (4 different sizes) and a hinged mirror to help you with placement of the template on your images. You need to have the image printed a number of times and the same number of images printed in reverse.

We were provided the images too and Wilma chose a generic photo of a tea cup and saucer. Each layout in the class came out quite different depending on where participants had placed their template.

This was my initial layout:



We completed it with enough time to have a second go (Bless You Wilma for providing so many extras) so I chose to do a different size (therefore using a different number of photos) and this is how it turned out:


Interesting Huh!


  1. Interesting and different!!!

  2. Very Different, cant say it would of been my "Cup OF Tea" tho LOL. Great work Esther looked super IRL xx

  3. Cool technique.

  4. different how many photos did you use esther I like the circle