Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heartfelt Thoughts for Christchurch!

OMG! What utter devastation! I have both friends and family in the Canterbury Region and the 6.3 earthquake today has has caused total havoc there today!

Selfishly – I’m so relieved that my girl has not yet returned to Christchurch for her final year at Uni. I am also relieved to hear that her flatmates are together – at home – and are all ok.

As I write, there are 65 confirmed deaths from today’s earthquake! I am glued to the TV news in a way I have not been since Princess Dianna’s death. Unbelievable, yet compelling viewing.

My love, thoughts and prayers are with all those affected and also with those who have loved ones in the area and are anxious about their well-being.


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  1. Up there with you my friend, been watching the new's for most of the day. I have lot's of friends as well as Family in Chch too, to date all safe.
    Can not believe this has happened and are also thinking of everyone involved...