Monday, July 30, 2012

Two more layouts

Unbelievable! “My” baby girl is 2!  Briar is my god-daughter and very special to me as I was there at her birth.  It was an amazing experience that I will treasure till the end of my days.

Her Mum, Kelly, invited me to the family dinner on the night of her actual birthday.  Family gatherings there are always full of fun, noise and laughter and kids galore!!  I never fail to feel included.  Thanks for that Kelly (and extended family), love you!.


I just had to do a layout of James being at his domestic best, lol! 


The hidden journaling reads:  James does his own ironing these days although why he always leaves it till he runs out of shirts, I will never know!

Actually – Mum has been known to do a fair number of his shirts every time she is here to stay – Bless you Mum xoxo

Thanks for stopping in again so soon.  I really appreciate the comments you leave.

Cheers, Esther


  1. You are on a roll chickie.. Love the colours you have chosen for Briars page.. Oh my gosh 2 years all ready..haha well done James, and good on you Esther for scrapping it..Nice work hun..

  2. Both these layouts are great. love the colours too xx