Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finn's CreARTe Tour in Australia and NZ

I was fortunate to be able to go to not one, but two of the classes that Ania Debrowska (from Poland) has been teaching on her tour of Australia and New Zealand.

OMG – what an amazing, talented and friendly lady she is!  Ania is better know as Finnibar or simply Finn.  Please check out her amazing work here.

To add to my excitement, the lovely Miss Brenda McKay was able to come over, stay with me Friday night and come to the classes too!

The first class was a layout involving loads of layers, metal, paper, lace, ink, paint ……..


I chose a sepia photo that the gorgeous Shell from Scrapbook Dreams took a couple of years ago.  I am really pleased with the finished project.

The second class was a long one.  It needed to be – there was a lot of drying time needed!

Again, loads of layers, metal, paper, lace, ink, paint …….. This time for a Journal cover.


and the back …


Strangely, this was not the colour palette I was aiming for but, hey, who cares!  I love it!

Huge thanks, from the bottom of my heart, goes to Lesley Seabright.  Without her the classes at Kapiti would not have happened and I would have missed one of the most amazing experiences.

More photos of other antics in my next post.  Hold ya breath, lol!

Cheers, Esther xoxo


  1. LOve it all -0 what a fabulous day we had. We need more in Wellington!! xx Michelle

  2. Glad it was well worth the anticipation.

  3. What amazing classes - just love them both. Your photo is fabulous too. :)

  4. Hi Esther, it was great to meet you, and I adore your creations, especially I love that journal cover :) debi x

  5. these are so WOW factor. I am a big fan of mixed media. xx

  6. Oh yes what a fantastic weekend we had, from the start to the finish. Thankyou again, you are totally awesome...