Monday, May 28, 2012

Playing with moulds

or Molds, depending on where you live.

I have been building up a collection of silicone and latex moulds, mainly from the Trademe website.  I just love to “make stuff”, lol.

I am also just a little impatient  and hate waiting for plaster or whatever to dry so I use hot glue.  No good for plastic moulds, obviously, so I save those for chocolate making, hehe.  I have been brushing the moulds with eye-shadow powder for colour because the glue is cloudy when set.  It can always be coloured afterwards with permanent markers or nail polish.

This weekend I decided to play with some other products to see how they would turn out, if at all.  The setting time was much longer but thankfully it was cold and miserable so I popped them on the top shelf of my bookcase that sits under the heat pump.  That helped heaps!

Picture 255 Picture 239 Picture 242 Picture 249  Picture 253

I also tried window paint and that worked really well with the more shallow moulds but I don’t have a photo of that.

I quite like the Selleys All Clear silicone actually.  It sets very clear, is soft and flexible and, again, can be coloured afterwards with permanent markers, alcohol inks or nail polish.  The pink roses shown above are coloured by brushing the mould with cheap $$ store eye-shadow loose powder before filling with the silicone. Fine glitter works too.

I reckon Dimensional Magic or Crystal Effects would be great too but hot glue and silicone glue are much cheaper options.

So – get out your glue gun and any other products you might think of and see what you can come up with.

Cheers, Esther


  1. No Doubt about it youre a clever chick all right..

  2. Awww Esther, thts sooo cool, i have never seen this before, so out of touch scrapwise!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. fantastic, now........what ya gonna do with them!!!! xx

    1. Good question Sherryn, lol. I have used some on cards so will post those next.
      I quess the collection will build up like the rest of my "stuff".