Sunday, June 7, 2009

A goodnight conversation

Liam talks a lot, and tells me a lot of things. We often have scripted roles and get 'told' if we stray from the correct wording but every now and then, like tonight, there is a genuine and loving conversation between us as he drifts off to sleep.

"Next time you get married, will you always be my mother?"
"Yes, baby. I will always be your mother!"
"And my sister's too?"
"Yes, I will always be your sister's mother too."
"I'm so glad you got married - you will always have a family."
"I'm glad too baby. You and your sister will always have a family too, you know?"
"Yes.....You are so beautiful."
"Thank you, baby."
"I am too."
"Indeed you are and I love you very much."
"Thank you."
"You are very welcome."

Not surprisingly, I left the room with tears flowing softly and my heart aching for this special boy who, as a rule, finds it so hard to express himself.


  1. Cuddles xx don't you just love them!!

  2. 'scuse me, I just have to mop up! It sounds like it was one of those rare nights when he was able to "switch off his characters" and be himself for a little while. I just love him when he is being a Wiggle/Dr Who/Cat in the Hat or whatever, but that is special.