Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Night Off

I gave myself the night off!

I had dinner ready when James came home and after I had made lunches etc, I parked up on my bed amd watched TV. Such a rare treat for me.

I stayed off the phone, I stayed off the net (more or less) and only missed about 10 minutes of my program while I put a happy Liam to bed.

Liam went to sleep with a smile on his face while looking at his new Wiggles night-light, lol. We went into Spotlight after school yesterday and I am sure he found every piece of Wiggles merchandise they stock!

He came away with a cushion, a night-light, a toy bag, a pop-up hamper and face crayons!! At least the face crayons were on special. No wonder The Wiggles are multi-millionares! I am sure most of that money comes from us! In saying that though, his expression was priceless.
The cushion went to school with him today, inside the toy bag.

Having no issues getting Liam to school on time this week - it is his job to ring the bell! Sounds a bit silly, but I was so proud of him come 9am Monday morning, I had to ring James as soon as I got out to the car. Yes - a few tears did sneak out Andrea!

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