Friday, June 5, 2009

Sleepless Night

Why is it, when you are most tired, you get less sleep?

It was windy last night and the flags on the roundabout flagpole, outside our house, could not have flapped more loudly! Darling son (not) couldn't get to sleep and was up again till 11pm so I was late to bed anyway. Then I heard the neighbor clip-clopping up the drive to start work at 3am and the cat decided it would be fun to bat a dead mouse around our bedroom at 4.30am!
I gave up at 6am when hubby got up for work so turned on the TV, hopped back into a warm bed and waited for the heat pump to warm up the living area. I was even spoiled with a coffee to sip while I watched the news, that kinda made up for a rough night.

I am looking forward to the "Paper Party" at Scrapbook Dreams tomorrow. Sale prices, challenges and RQ's (random questions)which can be a bit of an internet treasure hunt. I can see I will be far too busy to do housework - what a shame, lol.

Thought I would share a card I made last week that I think is kinda cool.

Not the best photo but I hope you can get the idea.

Have a Happy Friday!


  1. Liking the background! Well done! :-)

    Very cute card too! :-D

  2. And I thought I was the night owl!!!!